We will fight for peace, but we will do no violence.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stunning Snapshots of Peace in Times of War

Songs of Peace | Kiev, Ukraine: "The 2013 protests were shrouded with violence from both sides, including 200 protesters who commandeered a digger and attacked the presidential palace. The protests and riots followed the Government’s decision to side with Russia rather than the European Union."

 A rose among thorns | Bangkok, Thailand: A rose is passed form an anti-government protestor to a solider on the other side of a barbed wire fence.

Hug it Out | Bogota, Columbia: During protests for education reform, a peaceful protestor extends a little love to the riot police

Mirrored Reflections | Georgia, USA: "The young child in KKK attire became famous when this image hit the presses because of the way that it showed the innocence of children. Although the child is only known by his first name, Josh, the photographer and trooper met in 2012, 20 years after the image was taken."

Happy Birthday | Brazil, 2013: Protesters bring a cake to an officer who had to work on his birthday. Instant BFF status.

Clean the Streets | London, England: Citizens partner to clean up the streets of London after the riots in 2011.

Make Love Not Riot | Vancouver, BC: After hockey fans took to the street after their home team suffered a loss (to the tune of $5 million in damages), an injured woman's boyfriend stops for a kiss before helping her up and out of there.

If your enemy is hungry... | Columbia, 2013: Protestors feed the riot police with crackers after a long standoff between the two sides.

Defender of the Weak | Bolgota, Columbia: Unarmed woman de-esculates angry rioters, averting violence against cornered police.

The prayers of a people | Cairo, Egypt: Christians surround devout Muslims as they pray, while the revolution wages on around them. The favor was later returned.

A truce, of sorts | Cairo, Egypt: Countrymen grasp hands after soldiers refuse commands to fire upon unarmed civilians.

War and violence are universal, but so is the beauty of peace.

[For more on these and other inspiring photos, visit this link. Hat Tip to PFC Fighter, Jeff Partain for the link.]

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