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Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year Unity: Palestinians and Israelis Worship Together

"We at Musalaha welcomed in the New Year by hosting our annual our worship evening. In cooperation with the Shemen Sasson congregation and the Alliance Church in Jerusalem, we were able to spend the evening of January 9 together worshipping in song and prayer in Hebrew and Arabic.

One observer wrote, “The room was crowded with both Israelis and Palestinians. Every seat was filled and there was standing room only. The worship was lively!

I was impressed with the sense of unity in the room as everyone genuinely wanted to be there [and hear] people worshipping in the ‘other’s’ language. Differences were set aside as people stood beside each other, lifted their hands and danced before a great God.

I was reminded that God has the power to reach beyond language, borders and the walls we put up as human beings. He showed me that through Him there is hope for reconciliation because He is a God of unity!”

From Musalaha Newsletter Jan. 2014.

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