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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative - Fighting Against Inequality in the Justice System

During Pacifist Fight Club: Round 3, Deshonna Collier-Goubil spoke on the racial inequality found in the US Prison System. In this TEDtalk, Bryan Stevenson addresses the elephant in the room: "We Need to Talk about Injustice." He urges us to explore our national past to discover the connecting points to where we are today in our imbalanced system of justice.

While some efforts are being made to reduce the over-capacity of prison systems (in California, and other states) Compton's Mayor Brown recently stated in an interview with Vogue, that these plans aren't "very well thought out." While she advocates state-initiated training programs, Stevenson insists change won't be made—that justice won't be served—until we as a nation take a hard look at our past. Bryan Stevenson is a story teller, and weaves memorable moments with his grandmother, and sitting in a living room with Rosa Parks, into his even-handed case for racial equality and system reform.

Stevenson founded and serves as executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative. EJI fights against the Death Penalty and the sentencing of children to adult prisons, as well as fighting for policy and system reform, all the while challenging the blind-eyes of the status quo.

Fight Club Homework Assignments:
Revisit: Pacifist Fight Club: Round 3 and watch Deshonna weigh in on the issue.
Discuss or Ponder: What are the effects of a voting system where 1/3 of a demographical voice has been systematically silenced?

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