We will fight for peace, but we will do no violence.

Monday, September 22, 2014



He's not sittin' up in the White House
Not subject to your big debate
Keeps His hands completely off Wall Street
Don't own stocks, bonds or Real Estate
He ain't up droppin' bombs on people
Or workin' on a college degree
He tunes out all them radio blowhards
Can't stand the networks and religious TV

That's Jesus in the homeless faces
With the junkies in their livin' hell
That's Jesus with the drunks and in
The lonely places
The rest homes and prison cells
That's where Jesus is
That's where Jesus is

He don't hug trees or kill 'em
Or drive a particular car
Won't help you write a big hit song
Don't care how good lookin' you are
And Jesus won't be voting
He's not your party crashin' dog in this fight
Not a fan rootin' for your home team
Don't insure that your future is bright

That's Jesus in the homeless faces
With the junkies in their livin' hell
That's Jesus with the drunks and in
The lonely places
The rest homes and prison cells
That's where Jesus is
Where we ought to be
Here's where Jesus works
Inside you and me
With the folks with AIDS
And the suffering kids
That's where Jesus hangs
That's where Jesus is

On the corner 'round the prostitutes
Is where He'll probably show
He gets invited to church sometimes
And sometimes He don't go
Don't care nuthin' about your status
What you can or you can't afford
Don't care if you're voted best actor
Not impressed with your big award

He's not in the five star restaurant
Eating a six course meal
He's not over on some golf course
Discussing the oil deal

He wants our voice (That's where Jesus is)
That's how He talks (That's where Jesus is)
That's how He walks (That's where Jesus is)
And He wants our faith (That's where Jesus is)
But there's never enough
He wants our hearts (That's where Jesus is)
That's how He Loves

That's where Jesus is
That's where Jesus is
That's where Jesus is


Thursday, September 18, 2014

When God Predestines a Fight ... (and you both get a swift knee to the nuts...)

If this won't mess with your theology, I don't know what will. And I'm not just talking to the "Pacifist"-minded in our P.F.C. collective. What do you pray after a match if you sincerely believe God has predestined the outcome of your evange-fight—as if GOD is doing the punching and the kicking—and then it ends like this... (Well, watch the video to find out...)

Kudos to the Fight Church documentary.
Hat tip to Matthew Paul Turner for posting this clip on Twitter.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Conspiracy of War

I know that our Government didn’t fake the ISIS crisis in order to justify the re-invasion of Iraq and yet another endless war in the Middle East.
But, it is kinda strange that so many people have said that those beheading videos looked kinda fake.
And I do know that the CIA admitted to faking some of those Bin Laden videos back when they were trying to justify the last war in Iraq…
...and it is kinda weird that the parents of James Foley are telling us that our own Government sorta threatened them if they tried to raise the money to release their son from ISIS...
....almost as if they kinda wanted him to be beheaded so that they could justify another long war in Iraq.

I’m sure it’s also just a coincidence that all of this seems to have fortuitously coincided with the anniversary of 9/11 and just as we’re all remembering that day, and re-watching the videos of the planes hitting the towers, that Obama stands up and declares that we are going to go after the evil guys who beheaded those American citizens in Iraq.

No one could’ve planned that.


Eagulus: American Super Hero

Sunday, August 24, 2014

End Times Confusion by Heather Goodman

"This is what I'm gonna do," says the Lord, "in the end times."

"I'm gonna bring the Jews back into their land. I know in the past I got really upset if they made alliances with powerful nations to be their providers and protectors, but this time round I'm gonna raise up the USA to provide weapons to my people and I will punish the USA if they ever question a single action that the Israelites perform - I'll send hurricanes and war to the USA if the USA ever stops providing weapons and moral support."

"And that's the other thing - as I bring my people back into their covenant land, I wholeheartedly support having them drive the other people who have been living there in the meantime into gigantic ghettos, like a place called Gaza - and blocking food, medicine, and supplies from getting to them."

"I'm a God of war you know. So, make sure these Arabs know they are not part of my covenant with you Israel - and when they fight back, you will know how evil these people are because they don't readily submit to the way you have treated them. Then kill them - kill them all."