We will fight for peace, but we will do no violence.


“We will fight for peace, but we will do no violence.”

For the sake of background, Keith Giles started Pacifist Fight Club in 2012 along with Dr. Thomas Crisp and Chase Andre as a collaborative group of Christians who believe in following Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

So far, we've hosted 3 local events, the first two at the Fuller campus in Orange County. The third at Biola University.

Here are the rules of Pacifist Fight Club:

The First rule of Pacifist Fight Club is you don't talk about Pacifist Fight Club.
The Second rule is, you must move from talk to actions of justice, mercy, and love.

The Third rule is, no human being is your enemy.

The Fourth rule is, the weapons of our warfare are prayer, love, and mercy.

Our Fighters
Previous "fighters" who have jumped into the ring are:

Keith Giles (Author of “The Power of Weakness”)
Dr. Thomas Crisp (Biola)
Chase Andre (Biola)
Crissy Brooks (MIKA)
Deshonna Collier-Goubil (Biola; Author of "Does Religion Affect Peaceful Behavior?"
Dwight Smith (Isaiah House/Dorothy Day Society)
Brandt Russo (Can't Ignore The Poor)
Wendy Tarr (Clue OC)

Contributors to the blog include these and also:
Greg Boyd (Author of "The Myth of a Christian Nation")
Herb Montgomery (Founder of Renewed Heart Ministries)
Travis Glen Blankenship
Josh Lawson
Arthur Sido

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