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Saturday, October 13, 2012


The prison and gun industries have raked in billions of dollars this year -- all while our communities continue to be destroyed by their disastrous effects. Young men and women in and out of the prison system without a chance to succeed.
But these two issues continue to be ignored by the two people with the biggest platform to talk about and FIX them -- President Obama and Governor Romney. 

The number of prisoners in America has quadrupled since 1980. And we spend six times more on prisons than on higher education! Is that the kind of message we want to send to our children? That prisons, not children, are worth the investment? That just doesn't make sense!

We must tell America's next president to do something about guns and our mass incarcerations. Steel -- whether in the form of a gun or prison bars -- will never solve our problems. We need to face our problems and find common sense solutions now.

Next week, we'll deliver this petition to the two candidates before the debate in New York. We need your name so they know that Americans care about these issues that affect so many of our families.

If you or someone you know has been affected by gun violence or our mass incarceration system, sign this petition TODAY>

Let's give our children and families a better future, free from crime and free from profit-motivated imprisonment.

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  1. I am a Pacifist who believes in the right to bear arms. The reason is simple: Sometimes God is in a war. No, not a war to make rich people richer, or an imperialist war based on a lie. But just as police in Eastern Europe SHOULD be using their weapons to crack down on the Sex Trade, instead of taking bribes and looking the other way, sometimes force is necessary to defend innocent, non-Christian people who have not chosen to be martyrs.

    In this vein, I do not believe that "guns" are the problem with America. The reality is, when law abiding citizens are disarmed, armed criminals rule.

    Obviously the problem is how people are using guns. This is a spiritual question involving the conscience, which cannot be solved by restricting the freedoms of those who obey the law- rendering them powerless against those who will never obey gun control laws.

    As for the prison system, I agree that it is a massive injustice. But those two issues are NOT linked, any more than "mentally ill people" and Anti-2nd Amendment legislation are, as is proposed by hysterical New World Order Elitists.