We will fight for peace, but we will do no violence.

Monday, December 26, 2011


In 2002 Tommy and his wife moved into the Garnet neighborhood – a low income, predominantly Latino community – in Fullerton.  Through gang members, pregnant teens, and broken families Tommy and Rachael began to experience the Kingdom in profound ways.  These seemingly insignificant relationships led Tommy to deeper places in his relationship with Jesus.  God’s calling in Tommy’s life became much clearer at this point; to envision a church that lives out what it says it believes.     
Some say that Thomas Nixon’s perspective on the Church is innovative.  Others view the way he lives  - and the risks he takes  - for God’s cause as inspiring.  At first glance one might think that it’s through in-depth study and hours of strategic planning that has brought him to this way of living, but Tommy is the first to admit that he  stumbled into this understanding of God’s intention for His Church.  It was God’s gift and blessing that he’s been able to experience the Kingdom in the way he has in the past nine years.
Tommy is the Executive Director of Solidarity Rising in Fullerton, Ca.
Topics: “I would love to touch on the church’s involvement in the global protests that have been happening. I recently read Time’s “Person of the Year” article and I keep asking myself, “where is the church in all this?”

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