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Friday, November 25, 2011

Meet Your Fighters: Chase Andre

Chase Andre began his fight club training when his grandma bought him karate lessons at 5 years old. Over the next 15 years of study, he discovered, as Mr. Miyagi taught, that one trains so he does not have to fight. This practice of preemptive meditation initiated a process that informed many facets of his thought life.

At a Vineyard Church in Cape Coral, FL, Chase’s view of the Kingdom of God bloomed. There, he helped develop and execute a month-long internship for high school students — a regular "Project Mayhem," expressed as a monastic boot camp — that experimented in intentional community and discipleship.

While living in Taichung, Taiwan, the Kingdom expanded again. Submerged in another society, Chase’s white-American cultural lenses fell off his eyes like scales. As it often does, the backwards Kingdom turned his world upside down. After a year spent living as an expatriate, he returned to the States with a lot of questions about the unquestioned status quo. Yet, more than ever, Chase was convinced that a strong, intentional community, empowered in prayer and pursuing the Way of Jesus together, is the best way to live.

Since Taiwan, Chase has experienced poverty in Thailand, India and Haiti. Currently living in Southern California, Chase attends Biola University where he pursues a degree in communication studies, with a minor in philosophy. There, he is an active member of the Dorothy Day Society, the White Identity Process Group (a discussion group for helping white people understand God's multi-ethnic, and often segregated Kingdom), and serves as the assistant director of Revive Ministries.

Points of Interest:
*The Kingdom of God
*Prayer as Protest
*Racial reconciliation as a battle against systemic poverty
*Changing rhetoric as subversive opposition

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